RIDEF 2016 in BENIN - Towards a planetary citizenship with the Webottega for the Peace

Digital technology for cooperation and peace

Workshop by Lanfranco Genito and Luigi Tammaro

The lab motivation spans from the idea that "...The construction of a different possible world departs from education which can excite a transformation. In order to do this, citizenship education must be promoted since school years in the global and planetary framework of life-long learning. "(Edgar Morin)

Developing knowledge

To have and to increase knowledge “half of the world must change their lifestyle and their consumption standard not according to a benevolent concession due to the other 'poor' half of the world, but since they are running out everybody’s resources, “especially from that objectively" rich and expensive part of the world "in terms of total wealth, energy, food, economy, etc. we are, although we often forget it, in front of a naked South, and deaf North.

We suggest the inclusion of the contributions proposed by different groups, especially on the topic of peace conceived as the initial knowledge of diversity, on our website: www.webottegaforthepeace.it.

The different groups are not necessarily bound by their countries of origin, nor common languages, but by the adoption of the common communicative method (in the light of the Multiple Intelligences theory by Gardner). They will be divided as follows: radio - video - text and images - drawings - music - theatre performance (to be documented).

The products of the different groups are all in digital files so as to be included on the website.


A cooperative methodology will be employed, by alternating plenary lectures to small group activities as you can see in the attached form

Proposed activities (transferability to school)

The website we plan to build is the prototype of the website "webottegaforthepeace", an example of true collaboration and knowledge shared by schools in different parts of the world contributing in this way to disseminate knowledge to other schools and other worldly situations, also by means of   school exchanges.

Some schools and cultural movements in Italy, Germany, Mexico, France, Uzbekistan, Peru, China, Australia, Chile, Easter Island, Argentina, South Africa, etc have already adhered to our principles.

All  schools can share their own contributions on various topics once they have experimented with them.

Planning of the workshop

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WeBottega for the Peace by Coop FlyUp

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